Are you looking for quick results?

If your gym membership was inspired by your colleague’s, friend’s or your favourite star’s new year resolution to join gym and prioritise your fitness over work deadlines, parties and to the most common, midnight cravings, and have those perfect muscles in a short span of time, then you wouldn’t be alone to give up just that quickly. No, we are not pessimists and we don’t intend to push your motivation down the drain. It is the stats that pulls you down.


Fitness is a journey and you will perhaps part with your dream of getting the perfect muscles very quickly because you just can’t reach the goals, to which the professionals took years to achieve. It is essential to remember that your body is for life, so don’t see your fitness goals as a sprint. Don’t wear it out and be benched with injuries. So, if you want your colleagues, friends and others to look at your body with admiration, you need to stick to fitness for longer.


But if you are still persistent with quick results, we are laying down a few pointers that will help you get the shape you want sooner than usual.


     1. Right Apparels

It is very common for individuals to overlook the great importance of apparels when it comes to fitness. You require your workouts to be comfortable, don’t you? And without the right apparels you will never get the maximum benefit out of your workouts. You need your leggings to give you that extra stretch, that extra comfort and most importantly it should not concern you with sweat. After picking your right activewear, we can hop on to tracking progress.


     2. Tracking progress

Obviously, we don’t want to be stagnant with our fitness. We want to be marching towards our goals and for that the need of the hour should be tracking the progress, perhaps keeping a tab of your runs or lifts either on your cell phone or on a paper. Tracking progress will help you to stay away from any of the unwanted detours that will further delay your triumph.


     3. Eat Right

Don’t jeopardize your progress with any of the mouth-watering junk food that you might crave from time to time. Remember, to be a champion you will have to eat like one. Carry your healthy snacks to munch upon, if you think you will indulge yourself in junk food in hunger. Healthy eating is just not hogging onto salads and boiled chicken, there is a lot more to that. Be creative with your recipes and make your fitness journey tasty.


     4. Persevere

This is our last piece of advice to you and that is to not give up. Initially, everything unfolds well and we can see the good change in us but mid-way it just stops abruptly, and all the progress seems to have hit dead end. The body takes its own course of time to show the transition, and if you can’t see, that doesn’t mean it is not happening. Be patient and persevere through such halts.


Work hard on your goals and let us at Swee know how well it has panned out for you.